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Georgia had a $16 billion dollar tax revenue this year. Even with the increased revenues, up 4.8% from 2011, Georgia is still not a prosperous state economically and we cannot become prosperous by continually raising tax rates and spending money hand over fist. This money belongs to you, not the government.

Several states neighboring Georgia have no income tax. These states are putting Georgia to shame by attracting businesses that would have otherwise called Georgia home. Eliminating income taxes would be two fold by attracting businesses, and ultimately jobs, and putting more money in consumers pockets boosting Georgia’s slow economy. James believes that tax reform is desperately needed in Georgia and a quarterly or zero based budget needs to be implemented for all state agencies so all expenses are justified and cut wasteful spending.


Free markets make for free men. The government cannot, constitutionally or otherwise, create private sector jobs no matter how many stimulus packages, jobs bills, or political promises it makes. James believes the best course of action the government can take is to get out of the way by removing regulatory burdens and lowering taxes so businesses will have more money to invest and consumers will have more money to spend.


The debate on illegal immigration should begin and end with the word “illegal”. James fully supports individuals who wish to immigrate to our great country through the proper procedures to seek their American Dream. However, illegal immigrants are disrespectful to our laws, and they are taxing on our jobs, our schools, and our social programs.

James has personal experience with this issue as his wife immigrated legally to the U.S. from Vietnam more than 7 years ago. James has been with her through every step of the process. Rest assured there IS a path to residency and citizenship, the people who come to the U.S. illegally just choose not to take it. Not to mention it is unfair to the individuals who do respect our laws and immigrate lawfully while these law breakers try to get “ahead of the line” with so-called “paths to citizenship” and “amnesty”. James opposes either for illegal immigrants.


We leave our children to carry on our legacy, but with Georgia continually ranking towards the bottom in regards to education, their future is not looking so bright. Throwing more money at a problem has never solved anything, so therefore Georgia should consider alternatives. Georgia should carefully study what is working in other states with high ranks in education. Alternatives such as vouchers and charter schools should also be considered.


It has often been said that how a government views it’s citizens is in strict correlation as to how many rights the citizen has under that government. As one of the original 6 founders of GeorgiaCarry.org, James has been on the front line with his fellow brothers-in-arms changing Georgia’s restrictive gun laws in favor of human liberty. James will continue that fight in the General Assembly and he will make sure that peaceable, law-abiding citizens will always enjoy their rights guaranteed under our constitution.

James just doesn’t only talk about the right to keep and bear arms, he lives it. As part of his daily routine, James has been lawfully carrying a firearm for well over 10 years.


The most crucial function of government is the protection of its citizens and the Republic. James stands in full support of our extraordinarily brave men and women of the military, law enforcement, and first responders. James will make sure their concerns are well represented in the General Assembly.


Our founding fathers intended the states to be sovereign, self governing entities with minimal intrusion from the federal government. With the passage of the 17th amendment and the ever expanding size of federal government bureaucracies, states’ rights have been slowly whittled away through the years. James believes the federal government should be returned to its minimal role as mandated in the constitution and states should get full representation in Congress. 


For far too long, self serving politicians have take advantage of the “perks” of public office.  The GA Ethics Commission had their budget cut by the legislature after a banner year in 2008 of punishing ethics violations. With this “fox guarding the henhouse” practice of the legislature, how can the 2 party duopoly claim to be transparent and call for ethics reform when they control the legislature?  James believes in restoring the ethics commission budget so it can be adequately staffed to properly investigate ethics violations. James also believes there should be a cap on lobbyists gifts and donations of $100 or less.

Do you have an issue or concern facing the district that you would like for James to address? Contact James and tell him about the  issues that are important to you.

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